Fundamental flaw when opening attribute tables in ArcGIS Pro?

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Can someone from ESRI please have a good look at this. @Kory Kramer, @George Thompson, @Vince Angelo


For some background:

- ArcGIS Pro 2.1.3 on Windows 10

- PostgreSQL 9.6 on Ubuntu 18.04 running on a Virtualbox VM executed on the Windows host



A line layer with a valid Definition Query set present in the TOC. The layer is an ArcGIS Query Layer (so a spatial database but not an enterprise geodatabase) and references a huge Europe OpenStreetMap extract containing +/- 65M records in the line table. This line table has both valid spatial index (GIST) and attribute indexes. The display performance of the layers in Pro's Map window is adequate, and actually surprisingly fast given the huge data source.



The Definition Query set on the layer, see image, references an indexed field, osm_piste_58_type:



If I insert the Definition Query in DBeaver IDE, and prepend it with the necessary SELECT...FROM... that is missing in the Definition Query itself, and run an execution plan, the query runs in less than 3 seconds (2163ms) and returns 38697 rows, so just under 40k records. The execution plan shows the database correctly using the available index ("Index Scan"):


The problem:

When I attempt to open the Attribute Table in Pro by right clicking the layer and choosing "Attribute Table", Pro, instead of showing the records near instantly as it should based on the 3 seconds execution plan, instead takes > half an hour to open the Attribute Table. This is the time needed for a full table scan. When it is finished, it does show the proper 40k records, so the final selection was made.


When I enable logging in PostgreSQL and check the created log, I can see the SQL generated the moment I open the attribute table. Much to my surprise, even though the Query Layer had a Definition Query set, this Definition Query is not set on the SQL send to the database to restrict the binary cursor being created, as a consequence, the entire table seems subsequently to start being scanned in chunks of 1000 records, see the FETCH FORWARD 1000 statements in the log. This seems to go on the entire half hour, until a full table scan of all the millions of records is done, and the final table is created. As I wrote above, the final result in the Attribute Table, does correspond to the Definition Query, and is only the 38697 rows.



To inspect this better, I copied both the cursor statement that is initially used to create the layer (which is fast!), and compared it with the above statement representing the opening of the Attribute Table in an OpenOffice document, see the below screenshots. Notice how the first screenshot, which represent the moment the layer is created when the Pro Map document is opened and the TOC layer generated, does contain the Definition Query in the WHERE statement. This WHERE statement is omitted though, in the second screenshot that represents the opening of the Attribute Table:

- Creation of Query Layer:

- Opening Attribute Table:

Am I missing something here, or fundamentally misunderstanding what is going on and misinterpreting this data? Why is there no WHERE statement submitted to the database when opening the Attribute Table of a (Query) Layer?