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Issue while creating Enterprise GDB with Postgresql

Question asked by Janaki.Gattu1 on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by RRobichaux-esristaff

Dear Esri Enterprise Geodatabase Team,

I am having an issue in Enabling Enterprise Geodatabase. The architecture is as follows.

We have three VM's.

First VM - ArcGISPro 2.0(Installed Successfully)

Second VM - Postgresql (postgresql-9.5.3-1-windows-x64-------Installed Successfully)

Third VM - Server. (ArcGISServer10.6-------Installed Successfully).


Now when I am creating a Enterprise Geodatabase from the First VM where ArcGIS Pro is installed - I am getting an Error saying "Instance not available on Server - Failed to Execute Create Enterprise Geodatabase).

I have copied the Keycodes file generated from Third VM - Server. (ArcGISServer10.6) and has put in the local system.



How to enable this.