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Euclidean Distance at the border

Question asked by shorndrack01 on May 30, 2018
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I have two feature classes - a firm level, point shape file and a district level, polygon shape file. Have around 12000 firms and 15 districts. I would like to find the following two things:


Question 1. Find the firms that are within 10km from the border of a district.

Question 2. Find the Euclidean distance of each firm.


When I tried to perform both these operations using some information from the past posts and some Youtube instruction videos, have encountered few issues and I am listing them below:


Issues for Question 1: I tried using "Near Tool", by selecting the Firm level, Point shape file as the Input feature and District level shape file as the Near Feature by using 10 km as the radius, but arcmap is providing me with negative (-1) district IDs which cannot be possible. 


Issues for Question 2: I am unable to select two feature classes when I select the Euclidean distance tool, therefore can't use this tool at all. 


Any instructions would be helpful.