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Survey123 - An error occurred while generating report

Question asked by anthony.jones_RSK_EPD on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by ZWang-esristaff

Hi, I have a survey published in Survey123 to which I have created and uploaded two report templates. Previously these reports exported without problem but now every time I try to export my survey I get the message "An error occurred while generating report". I have tried reloading my templates and even added the default one as a test but none of these now work. Also, I've attempted to create a new survey based on my original and added the templates to that but I come up against the same issue. 


Is anyone able to provide assistance to this as I'm wondering if the issue has occurred as a result of the 2.8 update as I was last able to export on the 21st May. Below I have attached the xls form and the two forms in question.


I have seen others have had this issue and the solution for them has been to clear their browser cache but this hasn't worked for me and I've tried it in both Chrome and Firefox. The report appears to take a long time to generate and then just falls over so I'm wondering if it is just timing out?


I'm aware the feature is in beta at the moment but has worked previously so any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated as the survey is currently being populated by our surveyors so I need to be able to export once completed.