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Print - What I see is not what I get

Question asked by carstena@geoinfo on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by carstena@geoinfo

I have an web application created using Esri Javascript API 4.7. There I am using a Print widget, and I am point to the view of the map. But, the result look completely different from what I see on the screen.

The code is as follows:


new Print({
   view: app.mapView,
   templateOptions: {
      legendEnabled: true,
      scaleEnabled: true


What I see on the view:


What I see in the result of the print:


I am not sure which other properties I can set when I instanciate the Print widget. Neither the colors on the map, nor the legend or the scale bar looks anything like what I see on the view. What am I missing?


Any help is greatly appreciated.