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How to Force Maximum Number of Records Returned by Server to Render on View Port 

Question asked by behClevest on May 11, 2018

Having Maximum Number of Records Returned by Server set to 1000 on ArcGIS Server - Feature Service as

How can I force the Returned Records to be on current extent of viewDiv


var layer = new FeatureLayer({
        portalItem: {
          id: "961a56d51afa42df9acsd88b8a7e01b13f"
        definitionExpression: "",
        title: "Building Footprints",
        minScale: 72223.819286

      var map = new Map({
        basemap: {
          portalItem: {
            id: "4f2e99ba65e34asbb8af4d33d9778fb8e"
        layers: [layer]

      var view = new MapView({
        map: map,
        container: "viewDiv",
        center: [-123.110722, 49.249793],
        zoom: 14,
        constraints: {
        snapToZoom: false,
        minScale: 72223.819286
        resizeAlign: "top-left"

Right now what is happening is 1000 recorded are returning to the map regardless of extent view so I have lots of Gaps on the basemap and feature service overlay while there some records loaded to map which are not in the view port