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ArcGIS Collector download error with specific feature service

Question asked by JeffersonLandTrust on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by abreufreire
We use a single hosted feature service to collect information about a variety of our permanently protected Preserves. The feature service consists of a polygon layer (Preserve boundaries) with related points (photos, concerns, weeds) and related tables (monitoring report, action report). All was working more or less ok until one of the point layers stopped symbolizing in ArcGIS online. It is still visible in desktop or when downloaded in a Collector map on a tablet.
Technical support staff tells me I need to re-publish the layer. I download the layer, make a few improvements while I am at it, and re-publish. The newly published version of the former hosted feature service works well online.
But it won't download to Collector - I receive two different error messages (but mostly the second one), described here:
I am at a loss. I have 30 volunteers plus myself who regularly collect information using this hosted feature service and we are at a standstill until I can get the feature service to download and to be visible online for review. Since the post above, I have copied the file geodatabase and re-published, but run into the same issue.
Does anyone have suggestions?
Thank you so much,
~ Carrie