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Jupyter Notebook with ArcGIS Pro 2.0

Question asked by kenta215ok0 on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 5, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

I'm a beginner ArcGIS Pro user. I'm also a beginner to Python. After trying many example ArcPy scripts of geo-processing, I found it very useful and want to utilize them more efficently. I learned that Jupyter Notebook is pretty useful and it comes with the installation of ArcGIS Pro.


I have a issue of not seeing any folder choice that i can save and organize my scripts in Jupyter notebook. I really appreciate if anyone could help how to manage this.


I followed these steps of my instllation. 

1. Install ArcGIS Pro 2.0

2. Open a new project and go to the Python package manager

3. I installed arcgis package

4. I opened Python terminal under ArcGIS from the start menu, and typed Jupyter Notebook

5. Jupyter Notebook is opened and I can make scripts, run geo-processing tools

6. There is no problem of running the code. But there are no folders, such as Desktop or Documents in Jupyter Notebook that I can select, so all the created scripts are saved in Jupyter Notebook page without any directory


Do I need to install Anaconda to deal with this? 

I really appreciate any directions.