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Refresh Time Extent of Layer on New Data

Question asked by KevinPiraino_DuPage on Apr 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by KGerrow-esristaff

I am having an issue refreshing the time extent of a time aware feature service (published using ArcGIS Server). The feature service is continually getting new data that is time aware and thus should update the feature service's published time extent or "Max Time" to match the newest data's "Submitted Date" value. Within the feature service's properties it lists that the layer is "Time Aware", has "Live Data", and describes the time extent (see attached for details on feature service's time proprieties from rest endpoint).


You can also see the properties of the featureclass layer in ArcMap prior to publishing in the attached images.


This issue persists through to ArcGIS Online where I am trying to display my data. Using a web map, the data is "time enabled" so that a time slider is used. When a new feature is added the time slider's properties "End Time" (found in the Time Settings of the time slider) does not update. The only way update the "End Time" is to disable time animation on the layer and then re-enable time animation. 


I have tried many different combinations of properties both on the feature service's properties as well as on the layer in AGOL and I have not been successful in resolving this issue. I am looking for guidance on this issue or further troubleshooting.