ArcGIS Online / Operations Dashboard - List add picture based on attribute

Discussion created by atamilos on Apr 19, 2018
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I'm using Operations Dashboard to show a hosted point features service. I'm also using the List element to show the features of the layer. 


One of the fields is called status and it uses a domain (Not Deployed, In progress, Completed).


The mobile users using Collector will update the status of those points.


I would like to have a picture on the side the shows the status as seen below.

So for example:

Not deployed -> not_deployed.svg

In progress -> inprogress.svg

Completed -> completed.svg

I know that in the popups you can create an arcade expression with IIF statements that can show different pictures depending on the status.


Is there a way to do that on the List element?


I tried using a src="https://...../"&{Status} but doesn't work. (not an expert on html)


Do you have any idea of how can I get this to work? 


I appreciate any help.


Thank you,