When to use ArcGIS Data Store?

Discussion created by djmcdermott on Apr 17, 2018
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Hi GeoNet,


I have recently installed and configured ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 with the intention of using it to replace the current Flex for ArcGIS applications ( I know, I inherited it). At the same time we are performing a database audit to clear down the number of out of data or redundant data held in the Enterprise geodatabase. 


As a local authority we store a lot of third-party data from the Environment Agency, Thames Water or other Local Authorities. This data is for viewing or analysing and not updated by us. We also have a number of data sets which were generated here and are updated or a regular or semi regular basis.


As part of this revamp of our GIS infrastructure and data, I am considering loading all the third-party data into Data Store and keeping our layers in the eGDB. Is this a valid option? What are the benefits/drawback of Data Store vs eGDB? The main benefit I can see is it would make it easier to organise and update third-party data.