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How can I backup and restore data to a Hosted feature layer

Question asked by mgongora_developer on Apr 17, 2018
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I have to backup data from a hosted feature layer (created with survey123) because when I change the survey sometimes, depending the change, the features layer is recreated, and I loss the data. So, I need be able to backup the old data, execute the change, and restore the old data to the new feature layer.


I tried to do it exporting the data to a File Geodatabase, and then, update the data to the empty feature layer. This works when the change doesn't recreated the feature, I can delete all the data, and restore the old data from the FGDB, but when the change recreates the feature layer (e.g. when I change the data type of any field), it doesn't works, when I try to update the data uploading the FGBD that I exported before, it raise an error.


Please, can anyone help me with this issue?