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Error: Failed to initialize distributed compute platform

Question asked by sgalindoesri-co-esridist Employee on Apr 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by sgalindoesri-co-esridist

I have set up 3 machines with as my Spatiotemporal datastore.


I get this message whenever I try to run any Geoanalytics function in my portal (either from the browser or ArcGIS Pro): "Error: Failed to initialize distributed compute platform"


Checking the logs at [c:\arcgisdatastore\<machinename.domain>\server] in every datastore machine, it says they are unreachable:

<Msg time="2018-04-13T10:54:48,382" type="WARNING"
code="111038" source="Data Store" process="2328" thread="1" methodName=""
machine="MTGIS01.EASTUS.CLOUDAPP.AZURE.COM" user="" elapsed="">
The following spatiotemporal data store machines are not reachable: {0}   
ELS_MASTER_NODE_UNREACHABLE=Cannot connect to the spatiotemporal datastore.
Not enough eligible machines are available.
Check network configuration and status of machines in spatiotemporal big data store.


Even though, they seem to be up and running:


- Executing the command "describedatastore":


- Validating every datastore from arcgis server admin:

- Browsing through 9220 to every datastore machine:


I've imported and set up the same SSL certificate used by IIS web adaptor in every machine.


What am I missing?


Thanks in advance for your help!