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Repeats not working with SDE table names with dot in name

Question asked by rickasmith on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by rickasmith

Hello. I have been able to create a survey without repeats that successfully submits to our 10.5.1 Portal service which stores the data in our Oracle SDE.


However, when I add a repeating question set, and attempt to submit the survey, it hangs on 'Getting service information' and lists the repeat table (last three entries of diagnostics log below). Now, I know that when specifying the begin repeat in the form, you enter the table name in the name field. However, since the name field is not allowed any special characters (a dot in my case), my question is how do you specify repeats when the SDE table names requires the schemaname.tablename format? 


To troubleshoot this, I did republish the service and changed the names in the TOC to exclude the schema name, changed the form_id and repeat name to match, however, I get the same hang on submit.


[AppStudio@11205 category="qml" function="updateRelationships" filename="XFormFeatureService.qml" line="891"] qml: Updating relationship for: P_MEDICAL_IH.s123_entries

[AppStudio@11205 category="default" filename="XFormFeatureService.qml" line="891"] qrc:/qml/XForms/XFormFeatureService.qml:891: TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined

[AppStudio@11205 category="qml" function="expression for onStateChanged" filename="Portal.qml" line="192"] qml: Application state changed: 2