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Running Workflow Manager with Distributed Process Manager

Question asked by CiaraBeddy on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by MBroadbent-esristaff



We are using WMX with distributed Process Manager. The setup is one parent machine and 5 child machines, the parent creates the jobs and the child machines pickup these jobs and run them through a child workflow. The parent machine will then collect all the completed jobs and merge the data back together once complete.


However I have noticed that for a particular workflow 3 of the child machines complete the 1st 6 jobs they are assigned and then do not attempt to run anymore jobs despite 100's remaining to be completed. So our process is short 3 of the assigned child machines, making processing very slow. Is there a way to kick start these machines into processing again? There is no reason I can see why they have stopped.


I have tried manually assigned a non working child machine into the machine name of my extended properties and the job is not picked up.


Its important that we have full use of all child machines so any help would be appreciated.