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Record completion when worker cannot access app

Question asked by monzay on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by monzay

In one of our workflows with WF there is a scenario (usually at 455 pm on a Friday) where the dispatcher group cannot make an assignment to a worker for various reasons. The only way to get the assignment out is to start calling around the office. The information gets relayed by voice, the task gets done, a phone call comes back that the assignment is done.


This dispatcher can't go back into the assignment and close it out. Maybe the dispatcher never put it into WF. Either way that data point gets lost.


Some ideas I have are that every dispatcher could also be a worker. But that would require every dispatcher to install the worker app on their phone which they probably won't do.


Second idea would be that a dispatcher could complete an assignment they created. They can already cancel an assignment so it would seem that it would be possible for WF developers to add this option.


My third idea would be to create separate web map or survey123 form the dispatcher can use to manually edit the HFS and complete the ticket. This is the most do-able thing I can do now although needing to introduce a separate app to a workflow is not ideal.


What do other people do?

Any other ideas?