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Filter widget - Values filtered by other expressions?

Question asked by arepsher on Mar 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by arepsher

When making a new filter within the Filter Widget and asking for values, does the List Values drop-down do anything?  I am reading the instructions as - once the user sets one filter expression, the list of values offered to the user in a subsequent filter expression will only give the users values occurring within the previous expression.  


In the following example, if I set "Station" to "Central", the list of "LastName" will only be last names that are found in the records where "Station" is "Central".



I try to do this - it filters and only shows events of Central Station, but when trying to select a last name, all of the last names in the dataset show up.  It is not limited by the first expression.  I did this with both within the same filter and different filters.


What am I missing or is this a bug?

Portal/server 10.5.1