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Permanently Deleting Content in ArcGIS Data Store

Question asked by ryanuthoff on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by jaocode

Is there a way to permanently delete data from the ArcGIS Data Store? I notice when I delete a large amount of data through ArcGIS Pro from a hosted feature service (GB's worth of data being deleted), it doesn't actually delete the data from the server hosting the ArcGIS Data Store.


I have a limited amount of storage space on the server, and I need to be able to permanently delete the data, but it doesn't appear to delete it. It deletes it from the hosted feature service when viewing it through ArcGIS Pro or through Portal, but it doesn't actually free up any space. In addition, the daily data store backups continue to get larger even after deleting GB's worth of data.


Are there any solutions to this?