Change default location units to meters

02-28-2019 06:38 AM
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Since in our office, and generally in our country, we are used to a metric coordinate system, I would like to change the default location units to meters, instead of degrees. How do I change this, so that I don't have to set this every time I create a new project in ArcGIS Pro?

I am able to set the default spatial reference through the user.config file, but I cannot find how to set the location units.

Hope someone can help me.

Joris Frenkel

Staatsbosbeheer, the Netherlands

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#template One way to do this is through the use of Templates.  

Open Pro and go to Project tab, Options, Units, and set the Location Units for the Project. 

Then Share, Save As, Project Template.

Any time you want to start a new project, choose to use your "custom" Project Template.

Washoe County GIS
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