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Workforce and automating with GitHub scripts

Question asked by on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by AMuise-esristaff

Hello.  We are trying to understand the overall workflow in using Workforce, Collector, and Survey123, along with the Workforce Python scripts on GitHub to automate creating and assigning work assignments.  We are increasing our use of field tablets and apps, and removing 'paper and clipboards' from our daily activities in our Public Works and Water Resources department.  Currently, we are looking to apply the concept to fire hydrant inspections (with plans to expand this to hydrant flushing), sanitary gravity main flushing, and catch basin inspections and repairs.  We have created the various web maps and editable feature services that are opened in Collector.  We can call up Survey123 through a link in Collector, then return to Collector after the survey is submitted.  We are also looking into bringing Citizen Problem Reporter online and as part of this plan, when fielding incoming calls for trash, snow removal, potholes, etc., and assign them for action.  We would like to establish a procedure that automates creating and assigning the work overnight, and have the assignments ready to go the next morning when the field techs sign in to Workforce (mobile).  I have read through several of the GeoNet posts, and watched various Esri Workforce videos and training/learning items. We are new to this whole concept, as such, the overall process is not clicking well.  We publish to our ArcGIS for Server site and AGOL, but we are not on ArcGIS for Enterprise yet.


As a test, I began by creating a Workforce project for the Citizen Problem Reporter (CPR) application.  I added the eight feature services to both the dispatcher and worker maps in the project configuration.  These eight services are the major problems such as Trash Problems, Road, Blight, Park/Trees, etc.  I set up some dispatchers and workers in the project.  Workforce displays the various features for the eight problem services as entered in the CPR app.  If I click on one, the Create Assignment dialogue opens and I can create the assignment.  I have to enter/reenter the information (redundant) to create the assignment, and the process is still manual.  At this stage, I am unsure what to do next in terms of automation that we can apply and where/how to apply it to implement and achieve our Workforce goals.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you in advance.