Power BI Location using ESRI Shape field

Discussion created by tjesse on Mar 7, 2018
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I am trying to make heat maps for our CMMS (computerized maintenance management system. E.g. Which assets are needing repairs in what area the most. 


I have connected Power BI to our sde SQL database. 



There are no latitude or longitude coordinates in the sde tables. The GIS guy here at work says ESRI finds the location using the "Shape" field which looks like "POINT (2306636.8429999985 14740070.512000002)." From what I can tell the "Shape" field is a reference to some underlying ERSI data which knows how to relate and display the data. SO,  when I drag this field to the "Location" box in Power BI, some points show up, but are spread across the planet. Apparently Power BI does not know how to deal with "Shape" information.


Is there a way I can get the Shape data in a format Power BI would understand? 


Any help would be appreciated!


example of data: