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Issues with Geocoding

Question asked by ljuru_byui on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by sbritt-esristaff


I am having problems with geocoding a table I have to create for myself by looking up each individual address on the internet. This is for my research project in my undergraduate program. 


These are the following errors I am receiving:

000622 : Failed to execute (<value>). Parameters are not valid

000732 : <value>: Dataset <value> does not exist or is not supported.

(In Attachements (HELP))


I tried working on this problem in ArcGIS Pro but it gave me an online subscription error, so I moved to ArcMap 10.5.1 and these are the errors I received (as mentioned above). 


These are the steps I followed: 

1) Converted my excel file to a csv (comma delimited) file (converted back to an xls file but received the same errors)

2) Opened up the Geocoding tool (see attachments (Attempt1 and Attempt2)


I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to resolve this issue. It would help me finally move forward in my project and actually begin to analyze the data. 


Thank you in advance,