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Question about widget development

Question asked by ayako_suzukiesrij-esridist Employee on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by ayako_suzukiesrij-esridist

I am trying to create a customized timeslider widget to visualize temporal data.

I was able to show the data on the map and the data changes by the timeslider.

However, the tick does not move when I use setTimeout() to show animated visualization.


The data includes fields which indicate temporal, so I filter features using layer.definitionExpression.

Timeslider is created by using input element. When I move the tick in the element, change event fires and features are filtered.

I also add animation by using setTimeout. I was able to show animation, but when I use animation, the tick deos not move. And this is the issue I am facing to.

I attached source code (I deleted some codes, which refer the service I use).


I am new to TypeScript and widget development.

So I could miss something basic, but it would be greate if I can get any infromation about the issue.