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Basemap Gallery widget not displaying correct custom basemap options

Question asked by kwikstrom on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by dcoley

I'm experiencing odd behavior in the Web AppBuilder Basemap Gallery widget. Here is a breakdown of the situation.


  • The ArcGIS Online organization has a group setup that contains the Esri vector basemaps (web maps).
  • This group's web maps (the vector basemaps) are configured to show in the organization's Basemap Gallery (done through Organization > Edit Settings > Map > Basemap Gallery setting).
  • A web map was created that uses the Topographic map by Esri as the basemap (Item ID = 588f0e0acc514c11bc7c898fed9fc651).
  • The web map was shared to create a Web AppBuilder app, and the Basemap Gallery widget was configured with the option to "Configure custom basemaps".
  • Five of the web maps (basemaps) were imported from the "Organization default", and the Basemap Gallery widget configuration was saved.
  • ISSUE: When opening the Basemap Gallery widget, six basemap options appear. In the screenshot below, none of the options have been chosen yet. The map is still displaying the basemap setup in the web map.


  • ISSUE: When the Topographic basemap option is selected, the map displays what appears to be the basemaps hillshade layer but not the reference layer.


  • ISSUE: When the second Topographic options is selected (the one I do not believe should be there because it is displaying the thumbnail for the web map being used in this app), the map displays what appears to be the correct basemap.



I have configured this widget many times before, and have observed this behavior only recently, and in one other Web AppBuilder app that I've configured. Below is the Basemap Gallery widget configuration used.


Have any others discovered this behavior? What can be done to fix the configuration of the app (or the web map basemap or the organization basemap group)? Am I overlooking a piece involved in this? Is this a bug introduced in a recent update to Web AppBuilder, and if so, is there a workaround and will the issue be resolved in an upcoming update?


I've included URLs to the content below.


This is not an urgent issue, but more of a nuisance. It will be helpful to know if there is currently a workaround or resolution to it.


Thanks Community!