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How to fix wrong coordinates?

Question asked by sonia_giumi on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by sonia_giumi

I have a shapefile of France that is supposed to be in the NTF_Lambert_Zone_II coordinate system. However, the location and the scale of the map are clearly wrong (Top= 615.182700 m; Bottom= 30.000000 m; Left= 20.000000 m; Right= 620.000000 m).


I have another shapefile in the same coordinate system with the correct coordinates (Top= 2677440.815485 m; Bottom= 1617402.839798 m; Left= 47307.978910 m; Right= 1197895.634978 m). I have tried to just change the X and Y of the wrong map by going to the Catalog --> Properties--> Feature Extent, but nothing happens. Anyone knows how I could get the initial map to the right location and scale?