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Adding feature class to existing feature dataset with other feature classes

Question asked by Transit on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by Transit

Fairly new to python so forgive me if it sounds like i am repeating a question. I am trying to add a series of newly created feature classes to a feature dataset that exists and has other feature classes in it. it creates them and adds them to the dataset, however it deletes whatever other feature class(es) that are in that dataset. I have also created the feature class in the geodatabase within the same place that the feature dataset is located and used FeatureClassToFeatureClass conversion and it acts exactly the same way; deletes whatever is in the dataset and adds the newly created  feature classes. I thought that was weird as they have different names (schema is the same) from the ones contained in there. I even put in code (just in case there was same name issues) to rename the feature class if one with the same name exists. Maybe I am biting more than i can chew! 

The idea here is that I have are several text files related to an area with different data related to that area. I want all the data for that area to stay in one dataset, so that user create the data and keep it in one area. This is so different area can all go into one geodatabase.


The closest I could get to something that i wanted was this threadprogrammatically add feature class to feature dataset