Download/View Feature Service Attachments

Discussion created by abarkhur on Jan 28, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2011 by abarkhur
I have set up a feature service that allows me to add attachments (pictures) using the ArcGIS app for iPhone. The problem that I am having is that any time that I try to access the attachments (images in this case) from either the iPhone app or through Flex, the ArcGIS app and/or Flex attempt to redirect to a URL pointing to that attachment on our ArcGIS server rather than prompting the user to download the file or view it with a specified application. Can anyone tell me what I have set up incorrectly that is causing this problem? I just want to be able to click on the attachment and be prompted to download the file from Flex, or click on the attachment in the ArcGIS app and have the image downloaded.