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Determine "enable sync" setting

Question asked by miczat on Feb 14, 2018
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Is it possible using the ArcGIS API for python to determine the Enable sync status of a hosted feature layer on ArcGIS online?


i.e. this setting:

sync setting


I don't need to change it at this stage, just determine if it is checked or not.


In context, I intend to loop though all the layers of a web map looking for any layer that does not have sync enabled,  using something like this:


from arcgis.gis import GIS
from arcgis.mapping import WebMap

gis = GIS(url, username, password)

map_id = # the_unique_item_identifier would be here #,max_items=1000)
item = search_result[0]
print("map title       = ", item.title)

theWebMap = WebMap(webmapitem=item)
layerCount = len(theWebMap.layers)
print("layer count = " + str(layerCount))

for layer in theWebMap.layers:
    print("type            = ", layer.layerType)
    print("title           = ", layer.title)
    print("id              = ",

    # mystery bit - property?  custom function?
    print("syncStatus      = ", layer.?????)