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Workforce - searching for features or custom fields with domain

Question asked by enok on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by mkoneya

We are in the project planning stages of using ESRI workforce to assign and allocate IT support technicians to Voting / Polling places during elections. 


ESRI workforce is  a good fit for this with the exception of:


  • We would like to see a pulldown menu of names  for each polling stations rather than clicking the polling station in the dispatcher map and assigning a task.   


  •  A means to search the dispatcher map for the feature name  



  • maybe the issue could initially be entered into survey 123 and the fields would populate the Dispatcher fields? 


Bottom line we have over 200 + polling stations and it is not reasonable for our dispatcher to scroll around the map looking for the proper label on a polling place to assign an issue.  


Any thoughts?