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ArcGIS Server - Publishing live time layer as Map Service with "Has Live Data: true"

Question asked by valraa on Feb 9, 2018
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I'd like to publish a time layer which would be updated quite frequently and being able to view the updates live.

In ArcMap I see an option in my point layer properties, Time tab, which reads "Data chages frequently so calcuate time extent automatically".

If I then publish the mxd with the time layer to my ArcGIS Server (10.3.1) as a Map Service, in REST I see under Time Info a voice which reads "Has Live Data: true".

I am assuming this implies that if I (e.g.) update my layer from ArcMap with new features and relative new date in the field used as Time, the time extent should update automatically.

At the moment, I tried adding a new point and a new date, but in my REST, after clearing the browser cache, I don't see any change.

Maybe it's just a matter of how frequently they are updated?

Is it correct?

As a note: my data are registered with the server, so when I (e.g.) add a new point in the feature class from ArcMap, I can confirm I see the new added point from the JavaScript viewer in REST. So the new date should be there as well, but my "time extent" is not updated with the new date I insert in the Time field.

Am I missing something or is it just that this is not something feasible?


Thanks in advance!