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ArcPro Job Will Not Cancel

Question asked by AnnaRose on Jan 30, 2018
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Hello Fellow GIS-ers!

I am having a whale of a time trying to adapt our workflows to ArcPro and have run into a major issue:

While experimenting with ways to share a map within our organization I started ArcPro creating a map template. It was taking a very long time, creating way too big a file on our shared drive and locking up all instances of Arc Pro so I tried to cancel the "job". The cancel button clicks but doesn't work. I tried force quitting but every time I open any project in ArcPro the job starts up again immediately. It seems that my only recourse is to restart my computer, which is not going to work for us. Does anyone know how to cancel a runaway job? or keep jobs from restarting automatically?

Thank you!