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Edit feature slow performance first time

Question asked by rodrigo.felga on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by rodrigo.felga

I have the following scenario:


A MXD containing about 60 layers divided in 5 featuredatasets, 2 of that datasets is registered as versioned.

The MXD is published in Arcgis Server with the Resource os MapServer and FeatureServer enabled. The servevice is configured with a maximum instances of 10 and minimum of 2. When I start, the service starts with 2 instaces "up" and I have no problem showing the map but when I try to edit a fetaure the first editing operation takes about 90 seconds to run (the service show that 1 instance is in use on ArcGIS Server Manager). The followings editing operations performs normally taking about 2 seconds to execute. This problem occurs only when edditing a feature with this featuredataset registered as versioned, with non versioned always runs fast.


My question is: Why this delay on the first operation if the instance is already running? Its possible to solve that?


P.S.: Sorry for my poor English.