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Query Layer Issue - Not behaving properly in ArcMap

Question asked by Pamela_Locke on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by ayer.matthew@jdirving.com_jdi


I am using ArcMap 10.4.1.  If I go to File -> Add Data ->Add Query layer I can fill out everything, validate it, and hit ok - then it starts to run and ArcMap Crashes.   I can use the "Make Query (Data Management)" Tool and successfully create a Query Layer, but it does Not show up in "Layers" in the TOC .  See Screenshot.   


The data is there, and I can use the identify tool to get information about the polygons.  If i switch to List by Source, Visibility, or Selection in the TOC, sometimes the Query Layer will appear there and sometimes it won't.  If I open an existing mxd with a query layer already in it, I can modify the Query and everything functions correctly.  Any thoughts as to what is going on?