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Open Table in HTML from Button

Question asked by brandon.price on Dec 18, 2017
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I created a table that I have in my html that I am trying to access from a button (PMSelect) that I also have in my html. The table (script id="utilitySelectorTmpl") and javascript (utilitySelectorModule.js to query the restpage) to populate the table are done. I have not been able to open the table using onclick. This is what I have:


var utilitySelectorToolBtn = dom.byId("PMSelect");
   on(utilitySelectorToolBtn, "click", function (event) {
   if (app.isutilitySelectorModuleOpen === true) {
      app.isUtilitySelectorOpen = false;
   } else { // not open;
      app.isutilitySelectorModuleOpen = true;


I haven't yet specified the location of table when open. Maybe this could be the reason but I am not sure. This is a portion of my script:


app.utilitySelectorModule = {

   countyField: 'Cnty',
   routeField: 'Route',
   postmileField: 'DYNSEGPM',


   isVisible: false,

   template: {},
   panel: {},
   countyDllEl: {},
   routeDllEl: {},
   beginPostMarkerDdlEl: {},
   endPostMarkerDdlEl: {},


init: function () {
}, // init


show: function () {
      "dojo/_base/declare", "dojo/dom-construct",
      "esri/tasks/QueryTask", "esri/tasks/query"
   ], function (on, declare, domConstruct, QueryTask, Query) {
         let ctx = app.utilitySelectorModule;
         ctx.isVisible = true;
         if (! {

         ctx.panel = domConstruct.toDom("<div class='utilitySelectorPnl'></div>");, 'mainHtmlBody')

         template = $("#utilitySelectorTmpl");
         ctx.panel.innerHTML = template.html()


Attached are the two js files. Custom scripts has the button and utilityselectormodule has the query commands for the table. Any help is greatly appreciated.




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