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How to processing drone images fast?

Question asked by akhil123 on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by hasifmeera

I am having 3000 drone images which I want to process to get my final output as:

1.) 2d mosaic(tiff)

2.) 3d mesh


This issue is that while processing 3000 images with drone2map its been 3 days that the processing have started but still it is 50%. I tried using it in pix 4d but Pix4d hangs whenever I try more than 2000 images. I tried using Agiosoft but even that is too slow.My pc is also good enough with i7 processor, 64gb ram, 4tb harddisk, 3.5 ghz processor and 8 gb ram still I can't do.


Is there a way by which I could process 3000 drone images(fastly) to get my final output i.e. 2d mosaic(tiff) and 3d mesh.