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Query in-memory cache when Polling an ArcGIS Feature Service

Question asked by johnmdye on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by johnmdye

According to this post by RJ Sunderman, when you Poll ArcGIS Server for Features and use the Get Incremental Updates method, the input will maintain an in-memory cache.


Is there anyway to query this cache to determine what the underlying deltas are?


In my case, I want to create a GeoEvent service that will poll a Feature Service for updates every 5 minutes. When it determines that updates have been made to the service (one or more features have been added, one or more features have been edited, or some combination of the two), I want it to actually compare the returned features to its in-memory cache and compile the actual changes so that they can be written as a new feature to a "Change-Log" feature service.


If there is not a way to query that in-memory cache (which is my expectation), is there another way for us to determine what the nature of the changes are? We want very granular tracking of every single change made to certain services.


We explored using SOIs for this and that was successful to an extent, but the lack of support for Hosted Services has become a show stopper since we're trying very hard to move away from Federated Services.