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Duplicated layer and definition query issue with Collector in offline-mode

Question asked by Uzzatinipt on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by DMoore-esristaff

I created a map to use with Collector for field data collection.

Looking for a way to improve the rapresentation of one specific layer, I've duplicated it. These two layers, one the instance of the other, are classified by different fields and the copied one is based on a definition query wich involves multiple fields.

When I use Collector in offline-mode (iOS and Android 17.0.4), both layers (original and copied) are filtered on the query definition attributed to the copied one only. No problem instead using AGOL or Collector in online-mode.


Is there workaround for this problem or a best way to represent a layer simultaneously on two qualitative text fields?
Thank you for any help!