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Dynamic Date Value in Filter Widget using ArcGIS Online

Question asked by gmattis_visalia on Nov 29, 2017
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We just updated our crime mapping application to be fed near real time and so now we are looking to have our update our Web App Builder to provide a better user experience.


We are wanting the field values in the filter widgets to be dynamic as the data changes so that it, on load shows the dates as being between the Current Date - 30 Days and the Current Date. I tried following the instructions that Jake Skinner posted in his Document Dynamic Date Filter and it worked for the Web Map but doesn't seem to work for the Value field of the filter in the attached image of the JSON code. We are only using ArcGIS Online and are looking to avoid putting the app hosted on our IIS because the whole reason we switched to ArcGIS Online was to take traffic away from our IIS.


Does anyone know if this is possible to do?


CC: Matthew Twietmeyer