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05-18-2020 08:25 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am making a comprehensive zoning web map app for for a city. This is going to live in our portal on our local server, so for efficiency and smooth navigation the "zoning by parcels" and parcel boundaries will only be visible inside of 1:4500'. 

I know that the web app builder offers the "Create Overview", but the extents are determined by the extent of the current map window. 

My question is if there is any way edit the widget to so when someone is zoomed in to a neighborhood or street scales that they can toggle the overview map extents so the can navigate a large scales, but use the overview maps as a guide. This would lessen the need to zoom in and out when panning for some users.

Secondly is there a way to enable the overview map to be interactive. For example if I have quarter sections or a grid, could I embed a grid in the overview map so that the user navigate by selecting AOI on from the overview map meanwhile keeping the web map at the desired scale.

Curious to know if there is a solution out side using SDK since we are not set to work with Runtime

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