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.NET Graphics Layer Legend Problem with Print Service

Question asked by hkoatnswps on Nov 28, 2017


We have custom print/export map services that uses custom MXD print templates. The templates have the standard "Legend" component (ArcMap -> Insert -> Legend). We have a .NET SDK that have multiple graphics layers. When I print/export with the map services, the Legend area shows some random ID/GUID each time for the graphics layers everytime I print. How can I remove these random long IDs, and show the proper graphics layer display name / ID instead?


I have tried to set the graphic layers' IDs and DisplayName properties but this did not work (in fact, I get different IDs each time I print with the same graphics layers, so problem isn't with the graphic layers' IDs or DisplayName properties).


This is code snippet for creating graphics layers:


private void AddDefaultGraphicsLayer(String ID)
  var graphicsLayer = new GraphicsLayer();
  graphicsLayer.ID = ID;
  graphicsLayer.DisplayName = ID;
  //graphicsLayer.ShowLegend = false;


I think it is something to do with legend (because if I set ShowLegend to true, the random ID shows; if I set it false, random ID disppears). 


I am using ArcGIS .NET SDK 10.2.7 with ArcGIS for Desktop (to create print templates) and Server (print services) with version 10.5.