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Dissolving Large Data

Question asked by dtenney on Nov 13, 2017
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  Desktop Version 10.2.2


I was curious if anyone else has run into this particular issue before...


we have about 50 layers within a file geodatabase that we do a compare on, lets call it "old vs new" and we only want to point out areas that have new or updated data. we only care about changes and nothing else. we create a feature envelope around each feature that is considered "new", we then take those 50 layers and merge them into 1. 


within that newly created merged layer we have approx 800k guessed it, time to dissolve. unfortunately, from time to time it appears that the dissolve process fails. we have logging in place and we never get any notification that the process has failed, we just go days (we are currently sitting at 2 days) with the last line in our log stating..." dissolving "merged layer name""


the features themselves are not large features, but the area that encompasses all the feature is statewide and not all of the features are within close proximity of one another. is there a more efficient manner of dissolving all these features?


any thoughts?