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Union Warning 000117 doesn't even create an output feature class

Question asked by aviris on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

Union tool via ArcGIS Pro (2.0.1) GUI "Completes" with the following warning:

WARNING 000117: Warning empty output generated.

But no feature class is created in the project geodatabase. 


The Union geoprocessing tool ran for 3 hours and 44 minutes before telling me it "completed" with warnings when in fact it did absolutely nothing.


  • Sole user on a XenApp server with 4 Tesla P40 NVIDIA GRID cards
  • Same data, sole user on local Windows 10 with 32GB RAM, AMD R9 (5k iMac bootcamp)
  • CPU usage never went above 30% on either machine, and GPU performance hovered around 10% on the GRID cards and 17% on the AMD card. Memory went up to 8GB on both, sometimes lower.


The local machine "finished" a few minutes (3 hours 38 minutes) earlier with the same error.


I did a simple definition query on the two input layers to limit to a single state and ran the Union again with the exact same inputs and outputs. It completed in under a minute and produced a union of the inputs. 


So, is this an issue with the Union tool, or is it a limit on the data handling ability of ArcGIS Pro? 


If the latter, I'd really appreciate it if Esri would just add some code that honestly said "Nope - that's too much data for me. Cut it in pieces and try again." rather than pretending to do something for hours, then having the gaul to say that it "completed" the job you gave it with some warnings. 


Parent: Wow. You've been out there a long time. Did you finish the lawn?

Youth: Yeah, it took me a couple hours, but I completed it, with a warning.

Parent: A warning? What warning?

Youth: The lawnmower wouldn't start, so I just walked around the yard looking at the lawn for a couple hours before I decided the job was complete.

Parent: ?!