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Survey 123 customize template error

Question asked by Anu.Sawant_PDP on Oct 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by Anu.Sawant_PDP

I have created custom template to print result from Survey 123. I have added one multi choice question for which one of the choice is "Other". The next question "Comment" is depend on it and has relevant query "selected(${Sitecondition}, 'Other')”. When I try to print it I am getting following errors :-


1) When I am trying to print it by using my custom print I can’t see values for this Comment.
2) I have used default template from Survey123 to design customized template, in that default template I can’t view "Comment" field either, but when use this default template to print the actual data I can view the value has been printed for this field.
3) Also in Survey123 default template I can actually view the information captured under Comment twice first under my multi choice question and again under the “Comment” field. This information has been filled under “Comment” field in survey so why I am getting it under twice?