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Cache Issues: Deployments on our own domain

Question asked by jamesfreddyc on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by rscheitlin

I'm hoping to see if others are experiencing problems deploying WAB applications developed with WAB Developer 2.x, specifically, when an existing WAB is re-deployed with updates to the same url address.  Do your user's experience problems with browser caching the original WAB?


In the past we had experienced some problems where user's would navigate to the updated WAB but the updated functionality was not there and the original WAB application was presented.  As a result (at the time) it was decided to publish updated WAB applications to a new url/address and just add a version number to the url.


I'd prefer to simply deploy any updated WAB's to the same url rather than manage new url's with redirects.


Any input is appreciated!