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Automate Cache Clearing - Web App Builder

Question asked by Langdon.Sanders on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by crice937

Is there a way to force Web App Builder to not store app data or to clear it regularly?


Troubleshooting WAB often involves clearing the browser cache. This is not ideal for multiple users, sites, and permissions. A recent example is layers not showing in the table of contents and other odd behavior until the cache is cleared.


  • Ideally we want users to view the application as if they were in "Incognito Mode"



We currently deploy apps through the WAB developer edition in Portal so we are able to make changes to configuration files, add code as needed, or change web server settings.


  • Is there a setting in the WAB configuration files to achieve this result such as through headers or the manifest?
  • Perhaps this could be accomplished through the web server?


Your thoughts are appreciated.