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ArcGIS Pro + XY Display Value & Data Frame Coordinate System

Question asked by RyanP_LU on Oct 12, 2017

In ArcGIS for Desktop, whilst using a projected UTM coordinate system; the display units when outside of the UTM zone were shown as if they were in the Data Frame's coordinate system (meanwhile actually being out of range / outside of that UTM zone).


In ArcGIS Pro,  whilst using a projected UTM coordinate system; the display units incorporate the UTM zone and always show the proper coordinates for the UTM zone you have the mouse over (despite what UTM zone the data frame is set to).


This is a good thing HOWEVER, I am now stuck with the issue of not being able to replicate the old functionality in ArcGIS pro. So the location of plenty of old maps with grids showing the out of range values cannot be easily georeferenced or compared to my map data in ArcGIS Pro.


I presumed there would be an environment variable or project setting I could toggle to optionally replicate this older ArcGIS for Desktop functionality; making the tranistion from ArcGIS for Desktop to ArcGIS Pro much easier (as many of my peers / organizations I work with will not be upgrading anytime soon (also many other non-ESRI applications work that way still).  Unfortunately I could not find any method of controlling this setting


Am I missing something?