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How to pass special characters to geoprocessing tool to create subsequent tasks in workflow?

Question asked by Deepti2020 on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by xzheng-esristaff

I have a geoprocessing service to create various tasks. So the paarmeters for JTXSteps.ExecuteGPTool are here /addjobcomment /url:"https://xyz/arcgis/rest/services/F2F_Workflow/Task/GPServer/CreateTask/submitJob?job_type_name=drafting&job_name=[JOB:NAME]&description=&owned_by=[JOB:OWNED_BY]&assigned_to=[JOBEX:WSP_TASK.DRAFTING_ROLE]&project_job_id=[JOB:PARENT_JOB]&initiator_job_id=[JOBEX:INITIATOR_JOB_ID]....&f=pjson"

I have a requirement now to pass this string !@#$%^&*()_+/;:"',.?][}{| as job name essentially to capture all possible special characters in other systems for project names. I have noticed '#' breaks the sequence of parameters and with '&' rest of the string for the Job_name gets ignored. The call to submit GP jobs are expected through workflows and parameters are being read from SQL server tables for subsequent tasks.

In JTX_HISTORY I see the message like these :

Create Plan Checking Task From Drafting (1021423),Working,4,0,. Failed execution: Invalid column value [DESCRIPTION]