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Unable to Create Job from Workflow Manager Web application

10-19-2017 12:51 PM
New Contributor

I have 2 instances of the Java Web Application for Workflow Manager running ArcGIS 10.3.1.

The development instance is unable to Create Job from the UI. The button is enabled to create, however in the dialog the drop down list of Job Types is disabled. All other fields are enabled and working.
I can not find anything in the configuration file that would prevent creating a Job and the user is my own user account which has Admin rights and Create Job abiliities.

Can anyone point to any configuration of the Web Application?

Desktop creates jobs just fine.


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Esri Contributor

Hello Jeremy,

Can you enable the Developer tools in your browser and see if any errors being returned when you create job? The issue may occur when loading the job types into the drop down list for job creation. Any errors shown in the Console of Developer tools would be very helpful for us to troubleshoot this issue.



New Contributor

Thanks. I found that my working version had a call to the WMX Server to create a list of job types but this call is not happening in my DEV application. This is strange as I thought they were copies of the same code with a different configuration for each server.
What I found was that I had a slightly different version of the application somehow. One dated Jan 2016 and the other newer March 2016.

There was no section in the workflowManager.js file to create the list of Job Types in the Create Job dialog as there is in my working copy. 

There is nothing in the configuration or setup missing, just a different code base that isn't working as expected.

I will go back to GitHub and download latest and try again with updated configuration.