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"Cannot set property 'geometry' of undefined": Survey fails to submit with geopoint questions in repeat groups in the web application

Question asked by leo_VD on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Randy.Breeser_noaa

We are using a form that contains two repeat groups and each of these groups contains a geopoint question. The simplified structure of the form is as follow:


   geopoint question


   begin group1:

      begin repeat1:

         geopoint question

      end repeat1

   end group1


   begin group2:

      begin repeat2:

         geopoint question

      end repeat2

   end group2


The expected result in that case should be one main table containing the answers of the main form and two related tables containing the answers of the repeat groups, with a given location for each repetition of the repeat answers.


The form works as expected with the Survey123 app. However we want our clients to answer through the web application. After filling the form, when submitting in a browser (chrome), loading for a while, a message appears:

"Cannot set property 'geometry' of undefined" and the form fails to submit. Depending on the browser, sometimes there is no message and the form is submitting indefinitely (Edge or Firefox).

The result is the same for any browser when we check ArcGIS online : the answers of the main form are apparently submitted but the related tables are empty.


The problem disappears when there is only one repeat group: successful submission and expected results in ArcGIS online.


I attached a very simplified form in order to illustrate and reproduce the issue.


Any idea from where it could come from and how to fix this issue?