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Setting metadata of FeatureDatasets

Question asked by zbordas on Sep 29, 2017

I am relatively new to the native FileGDB API. We are trying to replace an ArcObject based module to use the FileGDB API when reading and writing File Geodatabases. We store some private metadata on feature datasets using the idinfo/descript/abstract on the property set:

    IPropertySet properties = metadata.getMetadata();     properties.setProperty("idinfo/descript/abstract", xml);     metadata.setMetadata(properties);

When reading an existing FileGeoDB the native API provides FileGDBAPI::Geodatabase::GetDatasetDocumentation to retrieve the entire metadata segment of the feature dataset. However, I don't find any way of setting this information on new or existing feature datasets. When adding the metadata to the XML specification of the FDS it gets rejected with some general data error.

Has anybody run into the same problem? Is there a solution other than storing the metadata in a separate file?